November is fast approaching

Oct 25th, 2006

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November is fast approaching

Yes, and so are the elections in the USA. The world may not think much is at stake, since we’re not voting on a new president, but there are many issues being decided. I feel strongly about improving life in the US today, and that the current people in a position to make policy change are either not thinking that anything need be improved or have their hands tied. One of the many issues, is that many Americans live in poverty. In a country that oozes the wealthiest people in the world, the suffereing endured by countless unfortunate families is infuriating. As artists, many of us find ourselves experiencing at least a small portion of what poverty is like. The portion of not having enough money to survive. But most of us artists, have the luxury of education, culture, intelligence and a future. Creativity comes at a cost, but it also is in and by itself a reward. However, many many people do NOT have this luxury. I just saw and wanted to share a video effort hosted by Rosanne Barr about living on Minimum Wage in the USA today. Please take a moment to consider this at YouTube:
I don’t want to turn this into a political post, so I will stop here, though I fear many other issues, such as war, environment, civil rights and more really deserve sincere critical thinking and action. I invite you, to post your thoughts and links to informative sites. True Art, after all, can serve as a mirror for society and should always be critical and progressive.
Thank you,
Anne Stahl

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