Echo of the Whole

Jul 30th, 2009

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Echo of the Whole

Echo of the Whole: Call For Entries ’08-’09
Adrienne Allebe, Stephanie Dotson, Tera Galanti, Servando Garcia

“Gather a shell from the strown beach/And listen at its lips: they sigh/The same desire and mystery,/The echo of the whole sea’s speech.” The title of this year’s Call For Entries exhibition, Echo of the Whole, is excerpted from Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s poem titled The Sea Limits. Like the shells in this poem, the selected Tri-County artists—Adrienne Allebe, Stephanie Dotson, Tera Galanti, and Servando Garcia–echo the artistic practices and characteristics found within the art world as a whole, and reflect the many sides of Santa Barbara County’s own diverse artistic region….
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