More Images Posted

Sep 12th, 2009

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More Images Posted

Hoping to Succeed, 2009 Multi-Media Monoprint  22x 15

I have just posted more images of my previous series. These are mostly Multimedia Monoprints which are all unique works on paper with wax. Others are solar etching and digital prints.

“Landscapes of the Human Mind” has developed over many years. As a teenager I had visions of how people’s thoughts looked and in my mind I began mapping a visual trace of thought processes, and sometimes of people’s personalities.

Rather than re-creating the real-time biotechnology visualizations on a canvas, my aim is to express a less tangible aspect of the human mind. Although we may one day achieve insights into the basic nature of intelligence and consciousness, my focus was purely visual. Steering clear of the realm of religion and philosophy, I choose to use artistic instinct and inspiration in combination with the fact driven information and insights described by neuro-scientists and -researchers.

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