Review: Don Scott MacDonald

Sep 25th, 2009

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Review: Don Scott MacDonald

Don Scott MacDonald

When I recently came across the work of Don Scott MacDonald I decided that the idea or writing artist reviews, which I had been toying with for quite some time now, would finally had to become reality.

Don’s work inspires the viewer, not only to blog about it, but to dream and get lost in the space between pure color and suggestion. This ‘Zwischendimension’ could be considered a profound personal journey or a childish game. Resulting in the ability to look with a fresh clean visual palate, to shed predjudice and to sink into a visual expanse. Like taking a drink of clear water so you can taste another beautifully crafted wine. These paintings allow us to meditate and become one with color, space and dimension.

Don has a show coming up in Rutherford (California) opening on October 17th. Make sure you visit his website as well.

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