Questions and Answers I

Oct 25th, 2009

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Questions and Answers I

I keep getting emails where people ask me questions about my work, my process, my inspirations, materials, techniques and my disortation. Finding myself strapped for time in the studio, but wanting also to help and be available to questions, I decided to start posting my answers on this blog.
Q: Your series on the landscape of the mind, where did the inspiration come from and how did you come a cross the concept of the mind being a landscape?
Willingness to Accept
Anne: This particular series has a long ‘history’. When I was a teenager, I would often imagine how people minds looked like. Mostly they were visions of vast, dark landscapes filled with messy entangled twisted paths – much like a jarn. I didn’t do anything with those ideas, until I was contacted by the ‘Blue Brain Project’ in late 2007 and I reviewed their work. You can read more about my thoughts behind ‘Landscapes of the Human Mind’ on my website and you can watch a TED video about the ‘Blue Brain Project’.
Q: I have found that you have been very active in your travels of different countries and been able to see many different landscapes. In comparison to all these different landscapes how do they compare to some of the landscapes you have seen here in the United States?
Anne: The American West has been a most wonderful resource of continuous inspiration. Perhaps because I’m not from here (but now live in California) these landscapes hold a lot of mystery and romance and are still novel and exotic for me. So, in a sense, it is because I have seen and grown up with very different landscape, that I can see the American West in new ways.
Q: Who has influenced you in your development as an artist and an abstract landscape artist?
Anne:The art of Rothko, Turner, Tapies, Richter amongst many has influenced my path. But of course nature really has the greatest influence on my work.

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