Anne Stahl’s next exhibition is in Georgia

Nov 24th, 2009

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Anne Stahl’s next exhibition is in Georgia

With ‘Snap to Grid’ at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts successfully closed, the next show that includes some of my work, is in Georgia.

Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, recalled the phrase “LESS IS MORE,” from the 19thcentury poem “Andrea del Sarto,” as a clich√© about 20th century aesthetic style. The notion that through articulation and simplicity of each essential element a more coherent outcome is achieved.

Less is More maybe more important today than ever before as it challenges our tradition and cultural self-perception. Influence of climate changes on human well-being and survival, compounded with our continuing massive use of exhaustible resources, forces us to use what we have in innovative ways to create sustainable design.

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