Questions and Answers III

Nov 17th, 2009

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Questions and Answers III

More questions, this time by Lennox from Northern Ireland:

Willingness to Accept

Q: I was wondering about your background, when you decided you wanted to be an artist, where you studied (if you studied)?
Anne: Like so many children I loved to draw and paint, but I don’t think it was any different that other kids. By the time I was 15 my interest in art began to mature and painting and looking at art became more than a ‘fun’ thing to do. Having an impossibly hard time in high-school I took an exchange year to study English (in Kent) and French (in Paris) – returning back to high school to complete my ‘Abitur’ (A-levels, leaving cert, highschool diploma), with a bit of an attitude. This saw me fail my two main subjects, English and Art. Undeterred, I applied to art colleges in Scotland and Irland and studied Fine Art at the Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design – graduating with distinction.

Willingness to Accept

Q: Other than your work based on landscapes what other themes have you studied?
Anne: Landscape are a broad subject and I believe that in some way or another all my work is related to landscape. Even the ‘plants’ and ‘landscapes of the human mind’ series.
Q: Where/when did you develop your style?
Anne: Well, over time. And I’m still at it!
Q: Before you produce a piece of work is the a routine you go through?

Red Baron, 2008
Red Baron

Anne: Usually yes, but not always. I like to work in series. Typically, this includes some brainstorming in the early stages in choosing a theme, then a research period, where I read about the theme, and often travel and take photos and drawings. Then I develop studies on paper and finally progress to canvas or panel. But this ‘routine’ is regularily disrupted or changed.
Q: If you work from first hand or photographs?
Anne: I don’t usually work from life, but as mentioned above, take photos and sketches from life. But life drawing is still one of the methods of bringing focus to my work.

NoWater 1995

Q: How do you see your work developing in the future?
Anne: I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for this question… my current intests include mathematical algorythmes turned visuals, but I’m not sure if I will ever weave that into my work, and if so how.
Q: How do you select your compositions, do you look for certain colours/lighting?
Anne: I work from the ‘gut’. Although I research my ‘subject matter’ I do not have a set visual idea, this develops as the paintings begin to emerge from the canvas.
Q: What is your prefered media, and why?

Nr. 9, 2002
# 9

Anne: I love ‘grungy’ materials that are tactile and allow me to create images that work on more levels than one. Unfortunately I know that a lot of my favorites are also not durable, as is the case for Bitumen. Another medium I regularly use for it’s abilty to create texture and luminance, is wax. Fortunately wax is very durable.
Q: Would you be able to describe the tecniques you use and how you apply your media?
Anne: Scraping, scratching, brushing, molding with my hands, blowing, melting, fusing…. too many to go into in detail.
Q: What do you look for when choosing to paint a landscape scene?
Anne: Well, again this comes from the gut – the scene has to speak to me in some way. Often, it’s that I can visualize it abstracted and pulled apart. But in general, the scenes that ‘speak’ to me are barren, desolate, unfriendly places.
Q: Do you have any historical influences?

Venus, 1997

Anne: Not sure what you mean here. Artists that have influenced me are Rothko, Tapies, Turner, Goldsworthy, Richter and many more.
Q: Do you have any contemporary influences?
Anne: Artists that have influenced me are Rothko, Tapies, Turner, Goldsworthy, Richter and many more.
Q: What is your most successful/favourite piece to date?  
Anne: Hard to say – it’s like choosing a favorite child… but there are some I prefer to others. Some of my favorites are listed on the left.

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