A great poem I heard recently

Jul 11th, 2011

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A great poem I heard recently

Butterfly Story

Butterflies flutter from tree to tree
They fly so wild and so free
They bring the humans curiosity and smiles
And they spread their beauty for miles and miles.

From the flower they produce a silky nectar juice
And from inside the flower
They get pollen
And give the other plants a shower
They sprinkle them with yellow dust
They hear a sound
And with a wingly thrust
They’ll all come up from their flower bed
Like a flipping page that has been read.

They fly away all in one
They fly away to the shining sun
They fly for long while
They fly over countries like the nile

Then they rest their dreary wings
And they rest until the morning
When the bluebird sings

Then they lift in the air
And with everything they share
Their joy and glory
And on and on will go their story
Until they land
With summer’s last glow
And they soar through the grey fall
Then they fly away south
With winter’s first snow.

Then with the home coming spring
And eggs waiting to be hatched
They return to their flower field
And with this act
Their journey is sealed.

By anonymous

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