New Direction

Jul 5th, 2011

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New Direction

As evident in my college Thesis, my interest in brain function and psychology has long been established. I’ve now been finding that the radio programs, the news paper articles I’m most interested in are all related to the brain. Although I had attempted to address some of my interests in the painting series: ‘Landscapes of the Human Brain’, I have not yet really captured what it is that intrigues me, how it relates and how to express these new ideas. I suspect this is, because since this is primarily a scientific field, I feel somewhat like overstepping my area of expertise as an artist. But I’m slowing coming to realize that I must cross that bridge, be it by studying up or by clearly defining the limitation, scope and application of my series – probably both.

One item of interest that I intend to explore further is the relationship between food and creative ability. We don’t really know historically, what artists of the past ate, especially not immediately prior to painting/writing/etc… However, we are now seeing an explosion of foods not suited (or so I propose), to creativity!

It’s early days yet, and I may have to take a long time to research this series… but I’ll keep my thoughts posted here.

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