Data, Science and Art

Nov 2nd, 2011

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Data, Science and Art


I saw Nathalie Miebach introduce her sculpture and the principles behind it on a TED talk (see below). Her work is really stunning and inspiring to me, as I too am pursuing a path of finding the intersection of art and science. Why these two disciplines have always been considered polar opposites, when in fact throughout all of history we can see anecdotal evidence of art and science going hand in hand, complementing each other, and in deed depending on each other.
Many scientists are also artists or you might say, many artists are also scientists. Yet, society perceives the artist as a flimsy, lightly to not educated individual who engages in the simple pleasures of life and lives day by day. Whereas scientists are seen as hard working, extremely intelligent and educated people who give their lives to their work, and whom society has much to thank for. In reality however, both groups are somewhere in the middle or have aspects of both. I suspect this wrongful perception is most prevalent in the US, where – unfortunately and to the dismay of most professional and serious artists – anyone who engages in simple crafty or arty past-time considers themselves an artist.

It is thus all the more refreshing to see a US based artist produce work of such immense artistic and scientific value Nathalie Miebach is a Boston-based artist who translates weather data into complex sculptures and musical scores.

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