Limited Edition Prints Now Available!

Aug 18th, 2014

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Limited Edition Prints Now Available!

‘Allure’ is now available as a limited edition print on Houzz

After a lot of back and forth with various publishers who wanted to work with me, I’m now offering Limited Edition Prints via Houzz! Selected works are already available and more will be added soon.
These prints are created using archival inks on beautiful matte art paper. Each print is hand signed.

I’ve been wanting to offer lower priced art for a long time, and while the works on paper and etchings (original prints) offer lower price points, they are still originals and priced as such. In addition, a lot of feedback I’m getting from my website is that people are really interested in specific paintings, but either can’t afford them or the works are already sold. But I did NOT want to offer reproductions on canvas, as this is pretending to be something it’s not: an original on canvas. However, when printing these paintings onto high quality paper, the results are really stunning! These prints have a quality of their own, and because they are on paper, they make no attempt in pretending to be a painting. They are reproductions. Top quality beautiful pieces, but reproductions. And they are priced as such.

View Available Prints!

If you have a particular painting you would like to get in print format, please feel free to let me know.

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