Ocean Contemporary – GEDOK Berlin

Mar 15th, 2015

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Ocean Contemporary – GEDOK Berlin

A new exhibition entitled ‘Ocean Contemporary’ will open it’s doors at the GEDOK Gallery in Berlin on 25.April 2015. Featured are various works by several artists that deal with the environmental impact on our plant’s oceans, amongst them Anne Stahl’s ‘Cadet’ and other works.


Cadet – 60cm x 30cm, Oil on Board


Cadet is from the ‘Fractal‘ series, which is part of the larger ‘marina project’. The entire project deals with a variety of aspects of water, while the ‘Fractal’ series looks at water from a different perspective: macro and micro – images from far far away and very close up. The inspiration for this series is formed by studying the large amount of data and satellite images that are made available by the USDF that show how global warming effects the plants oceans, rivers, ice coverage as well as showing how urban sprawl impacts rivers and ground water.

The GEDOK is the largest umbrella organization for women artists in Germany and Austria. Amongst it’s members are (were)  Käthe Kollwitz, Ricarda Huch, Edith Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and many more well known accomplished artists. Membership in the GEDOK is by invitation and jury selection. The GEDOK is heavily involved in policy making, to ensure continued support for art and artists. In addition, the regional groups organize countless exhibitions, concerts, readings, etc…  The GEDOK Berlin group operates a gallery in the district of Schöneberg.


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