Bitteres Wasser

Jun 19th, 2016

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Bitteres Wasser

B I T T E R   W A T E R

Philipp Geist | Video-installation/Lightart (Berlin)
Thomas Halasczinsky | Video/Film/Photography (New York)
Pamela Longbardi | Installation/Painting /Film (Atlanta)
Gerhard Mantz | Computeranimation/Video (Berlin)
Carol Paquet | Photography/Painting (South Africa/California)
Corinna Rosteck | Photo-Video-Installation/ Lightobjects (Berlin)
Anne Stahl | Painting/Printmaking (Berlin/California)

July 10th until September 29th 2016

Galerie im Hafen Rummelsburg | Nalepastraße 10-16 | 12459 Berlin

Opening Hours:  Mo-Fr 10am – 7pm | Sa 10am – 6pm

Preview Juli 8th and 9th 2016 |  Kunst am Spreeknie – Art Festival


July 10th 2016, 3pm
Free Boat-Shuttle to the gallery.
Departs 2pm at Mercedes Platz (Mühlenstraße 70, 10243 Berlin).
Return 5.30pm and 6.15pm via bus.

Lutz Freise | Gallery owner
Prof. Katrin Hinz | Chair of Dept. of Art and Design, HTW Berlin

Corinna Rosteck and Katja Vedder, Curators

Eau dich | Compagnie Puls’Art (Fr) Macha Mélanie and Karinne Grenier

Klangforschung Wasser

In this group show, International artists present work that is inspired by water. They aim to raise public awareness for the pressing environmental and social issues surrounding water, as well as its aesthetic attraction and existentialist meaning.

Throughout the duraction of the exhbition a number of events will take place. Details for each event will be published on the website:

On Water art group, in co-operation with Reederei Riedel GmbH and Art


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