Selected works are now available as Limited Edition Prints, and more will be added soon.
These prints are created using archival inks on beautiful matte art paper. Each print is signed by the artist.

Esta resistencia cialis, se sabe que existe, y para configuraciones en que las resistencias a sustituir están en paralelo o en serie, son fáciles de calcular como veremos más adelante.
Allure - Limited Edition

Allure – Limited Edition Print

Collision - Limited Edition Print

Collision – Limited Edition Print

Oceano - Limited Edition Print

Oceano – Limited Edition Print

Prophecy - Limited Edition Print

Prophecy – Limited Edition Print


‘Allure’ installed with a backing board

A print can be an open edition (an unlimited amount of a particular image) or a limited edition (a limited amount of a particular image). “Low end” or inexpensive prints are usually open editions like posters and photomechanical reproductions. More valuable prints are limited editions, and are, for the most part, hand signed and numbered by the artist.
An important and often confused distinction is that between editions of original prints and reproductions. Original prints are produced in the same medium as the artist worked (e.g., etching, or lithography), while reproduction prints are photographic reproductions of the original work, which could be a print or drawing or painting. The latter, is essentially in the same category as a picture in a book or magazine, though better printed and on better paper. These may be marketed as “limited editions” with investment potential, and even signed and numbered by the artist.
Practically all prints are sold unframed, especially if they need to be shipped to the buyer. However, because prints are on paper, framing is strongly recommended. A good frame must be chosen carefully and is frequently considered to ‘carry’ the work. Good quality frames are hard to find and expensive. Be prepared to spend several hundred dollars for framing.
It’s possible that I can make a print of the painting you like. Just let me know and I will see if I can get the work scanned – or if it’s sold or and/or unavailable for another reason.
You walk into a gallery and fall in love with a $9,000 painting, but you just can’t justify the price tag. The gallery owner shows you a selection of the same artist’s work for a humble $900, explaining that the pieces are limited edition prints – reproductions of the work you so love. Typically these high end limited edition reproductions range from $250 to $1500 depending on size, edition number and price of the original. It’s important to remember that although some prints can be a smart investment, you should consider buying a print because you love it and not as an investment. Original art is still the best form of investment.
All prints available here are printed on top quality acid free paper and using archival inks. If framed and/or otherwise protected from the elements, they will last well beyond your lifetime. Avoid hanging prints (or original artwork) where they are exposed to direct sunlight or moisture. A UV rated frame can help, but it’s still best to avoid direct sunlight.
I want you to be 100% happy with any artwork or prints of my work, that you purchase. And because images you see on a screen will look and feel different in real life, it can happen that you get something that just isn’t what you wanted. Therefore I will give you a full refund if you don’t like the work for whatever reason. To make it workable, you will need to make your decision within 30 days of receiving the print or painting, and you will need to pay for shipping.